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It is given "as is" without any guarantee of any kind on this website. It's possible that this website has technical or spelling mistakes. The site owner has the right to change, stop, or end any service at any time and for any reason, without warning. They can also make changes to any of the content, goods, or services on the site without warning. If there is a mistake on Printablexcalendar.com, they are not responsible for it. You use the information at your own risk. 

The owners of Printablexcalendar.com, and Users are not responsible for any damage or loss, whether it's financial or not, that happens because of using Printablexcalendar.com, or its code. This includes any loss or damage that happens to third parties. 

The information on this site is only meant to be used or read in a general way. You shouldn't use them as advice and shouldn't stop yourself from making a choice based on them. They say that you should not download or use the files or tools if you don't agree with these rules.

Printing, Customization & Distribution of Calendar Templates

Any printer, even business ones like FedEx, Kinkos, Staples, and others, can print calendar forms for personal use as long as there is credit information at the bottom of the calendar.

Schools, businesses, and people can change the calendar templates and share them within their groups as long as they keep the thanks text and links on the templates.

You shouldn't use these calendar themes for any kind of business, like selling or giving them away to other people.

Use Our Content

You can find text, files, papers, images, and other content on our website that we own or that we have permission to use from others. Because of this, copyright, trademark, and other intellectual property rules protect the Content. Copyright law is very important to us, and when we find other websites breaking the law, we send them DMCA warnings all the time.


Visitors can save the Content to one computer, make changes to the files, and print as many copies as they want for their own personal, non-business use only. As long as you keep all copyright, trademark, and propriety notices, don't make any new works based on the Content, don't use the materials in a way that makes it look like you're affiliated with any of our products, services, events, or brands, and don't save large amounts of materials to a database, server, or other


On this website, the images found on the calendar are from the pdphoto.org web and other free sites. Those who are not ours are with the right to us. For any issue encountered, kindly reach to us and we'll promptly deal with it.

Users can use the services provided from the site and schedule their own timings. We neither accept any responsibility for the information that visitors post nor for the unsolicited information that may come from different sources.

A free calendar on the website or blog is not the only thing Printablexcalendar can provide, as well. We reserve the right to the pretense of dropping free content for your blog or web-page at any time, when we find it convenient.

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